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One of the big attractions when visiting the province of Mendoza in the West of the Argentina Republic, is to know the secrets of the most coveted wines of the region; and the proposal of the wines is no stranger to any accommodation in Mendoza, since many of the hotels in the region incorporated in its proposal the charm of the wine industry. As regards the possibilities of internalize the topic that tourists have a wide and exciting range of opportunities opens. From a tasting in the intimacy of a lodging in Mendoza as the Diplomatic Hotel in the Capital City, where a special celebration to welcome includes reds and whites from the best wine cellars you can taste. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Angus King. Another possibility to zoom in on the secrets of the wine, that years of work have been macerated with love and dedication, perform a guided tour to some of the wineries, the same may happen to search for their accommodation in Mendoza. A walk through the vineyards, which exploit colored arriving the first days of March, when the province not only It celebrates the harvest, but the beginning of a new cycle of nature. Then goes down to the steps of winemaking.

Since it begins to treat the grape until the result of fermentation is bottled, eight stages are which passes through fruit and yeast. Pressing aims to break the grains of grape skins for the release of the juice. Then goes down to the correction of musts, i.e. is a cleaning of the bunches that are fresh. The next step is the maceration and the maceration, also known as alcoholic fermentation. This fermentation is done through own yeasts of the grape, found in your skin; the process consists of yeasts degrade the sweetness of the fruit until turning it into alcohol and other substances, yeasts die after this, and begin to form a sediment at the bottom of the vessels, known as Lees. Up here the first part of the processes that are running for the wine. Within the wineries, measurement specialists are telling which process where it passes the fruit once it arrives at the winery, are teaching machines that they are used for the different steps, and rooms in which there are parking lots, and may thus traverse the winery in its entirety. Original author and source of the article.

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