Alternative Society

The plurality theoretician-metodolgica and the history-problem proposal for annales, would also open new horizontes for the historiogrfica production and for the notion of totality. After-modernity if auto-affirmed demonstrating a will of overcoming of the modern, mainly after the consecutive wars of century XX. It gains proper expression if locating against the modern values, the exacerbados cientificismo and rationalism, which if they had shown essential to the technological improvement of the mechanisms of self-destruction, inefficacious to prevent the war and global misery. It is important to designate that in way to the repression it military regimen the decades of 1970 and 80 fervilharam with the social movements, led for students, workers, musicians among others artists and members of the society that, in the way that they found, were disclosed against the dictatorship. In all the country, between January and April of 1984, the capitals and main cities had been become fullfilled in assemblies that had congregated multitudes. Valley to remember that in day 25 of January of 1984, So Paulo commemorated anniversary, while the net Globe of television in the same date neglected the historical assembly in the Valley of the Anhangaba, where if 1,7 million people had made gifts, among others reasons, for the movement Direct Already. The generations of the postwar period had said by means of some expressions, to the war, not denouncing its financiers, enthusiastic and the evil that they promote before, during and after the conflict. He had Rauzito reason when writing on its adventures in the city of Thor, after all the men had become carrascos and victims of the proper mechanism who had created. Been born in 1945, official ending of World War II, he was one of that had had, under gide artistic, the perception of where the human beings had fond with its exaggerated ambition, and we ask in them why so alive continue its words? When he considered the Alternative Society on the basis of justified it the reading of the time where he lived: Today I know that the New World is possible, because I am feeling that the libertarian seed already was planted without imposition; the proper historical process, the proper human suffering, the conditions, the false ethics, the conventional lies, deceptive dogmas, wars, disasters and oppressions, the proper arbitrariedade of the society had been little by little denouncing the way of the universalismo, the peace and the harmony.

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