Alexander Bulychev

Major repairs are completed, but the temperature controllers have not been established. "On the lower floors, of course, hot, have to open windows. In this case, the tenants of apartments located above, on the eve of winter are beginning to buy electric heaters, because the heating system at home can not be adjusted and the heat used for heating the upper floors, escapes through vents on the bottom. But we do not complain, well, everything else is done quickly and accurately, "- said a senior on the house, Alexander Bulychev. For even more details, read what Lakshman Achuthan says on the issue. Many homeowners do not understand that they are deceived thrice. You may want to visit Roubini Global Economics to increase your knowledge. Installers not only deprive them of the comfort provided by the project, but also pose a risk of serious leaks. After sealing the ball valve seal can be broken if leave it ajar.

Of course, the average inhabitant of Moscow apartment on this has no clue as to pay the consequences of the flood he will have out of pocket. Finally, not far off when paying for heating of housing have not fixed tariff, and on the counters. Deprived of the possibility to regulate the temperature of batteries and escape from the heat by opening the air vents owners will actually be forced to pay for heating streets. In search of truth And what government customers? Is the city still, to leave budget? The easiest way would be to answer these questions affirmatively, and close the topic. The culprit would be found. But what next? Let's try to approach the problem more constructively.

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