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Among the many promotional tools is important to distinguish this method of advertising as a drawing of the logo on souvenirs. What are its advantages? 1) An inexpensive and effective way of advertising. Take as a basis for promotional gifts. At minimum value, for example pens with your logo, return on advertising function is quite large. This will serve as a promotional tool as long until the end of the rod (mean 3 months). And at cost cost of pens is ridiculous.

For promotional souvenirs include: pens with the logo, lighters, key rings, mugs with your logo, stress relief and other souvenirs. Method of application of the logo pad printing, decals, laser engraving. 2) Instills esprit de corps. Here for example you spend active corporate holiday. On vacation spent any games, competitions. Well of course so that the staff had a team, must be fitting clothes. Come to the aid T-shirts with the logo, which will give yourself to feel as a team. 3) Promote friendly relations.

Well souvenirs such a function, require a more thorough and thoughtful vybota. Here it is necessary to know what to your business partner, in other words must identify the need and present a companion that thing of which he dreamed. For these souvenirs are expensive and are called VIP and business gifts. It can be as expensive watches, zapanki precious metal pens of famous brands. Such a gift would be welcome, and if such a gift to put a logo (eg greetings) – this is very original and will cause only the most positive emotions in a companion on business. 4) unobtrusive ads. These promotional gifts are not bored, for example as audio and video advertising, which is annoying and very expensive. And the same wall clock with the logo will be show not only time, but at the same time reminded of your company. Good luck in your endeavors!

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