The parents, in particular, they can reveal democratic and igualitrios or, for the opposite, authoritarian in the behavior with its children; or also, other times, permissive and indifferent. The different ways of discipline parental are related with the probability of reject of the parents and authoritarian mothers, and the acceptance of democratic, permissive and the igualitrios ones. Far from having one I reject generalized of the parents, on the part of the adolescents, such I reject is produced in clear correspondence with the type of disciplines familiar. The moment of bigger tension between parents and children seems to produce itself around accurately of the puberty. When arriving this moment, is overcome more distant and also more rigid the relation in the seio of the family, diminishes the deference of the son stops with the mother, grows worse it communication and if they multiply the interruptions of the behavior of the adolescent for the intervention of the parents. Uber oftentimes addresses this issue.

Later, gradually, the relations costumam to improve, even so persist the lack of privacy of the young with the parents, in everything what one becomes related with its proper life. The young ones are each time more independent in relation to the parents. In this, however, the youngsters are much more of what the women, who, with frequency, during sufficient time, and same during all the life, keep forts emotional bows, over all with the mother. Unhappyly, nor always the adolescent stage coincides with the conquest of independence. The aprazamento, each dilatado time more, of the access to the condition and the set of papers of adult and to the social responsibilities that this brings obtains, and also the personal difficulties of the adolescent in the acquisition of the proper identity, can considerably extend the ambiguous situation of independence/dependence that characterizes this age. Some adults perpetual continue being adolescent. Parallel to the emancipation in relation to the family, the adolescent establishes narrower bows with the group of friends.

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