Adapter Converted

CO2 savings by using T5 adapters who knows not? In warehouses, garages, factories, it seems to be never dark. Dozens of fluorescent lamps, which illuminate the rooms every day permanently are responsible. Usually it involves a high CO2 T8 Leuchtsstoffrohren with a very high energy consumption, emissions and not least, high operating costs. There, it is only logical that many businesses rely on newer technology on the conversion. This is usually connected to very high cost. Usually, the complete lighting systems be replaced. Because the newer T5 fluorescent tubes don’t fit anymore lights due to its lower length in the frames of the old T8. What many don’t know is that there is a cost-saving alternative.

Through the use of a so-called T5 adapter not only conventional T5 can be used fluorescent tubes in the already existing T8 luminaires. The T5 adapter by its technical nature effectively save energy contributes to. The adapter optimized older ballasts, or replaces the installation of a new “electronic ballast”, which facilitates the installation of the new fluorescent tubes, is both the reduced energy consumption. The company Eurolum GmbH has made to the task, to reduce power consumption and consequently CO2 emissions with the distribution of modern fluorescent tubes and adapters. We are one of the leading companies in Germany in this field.

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