Acne, Pimples, Blackheads – Treatment Anti-impurities

Advisor around the topic of acne and pimples. As a general rule: steer clear of pimples and blackheads! Pimples, blackheads, and acne often accompany one at puberty. Sometimes plays a major role in the investment. Not all people are equally severely affected during this time. Acne is a very common disease.

You have to let a doctor treat them. As well as for other diseases, it is always good if you can get them in time to touch. Therapies, it may be that after an examination, the doctor will apply a specific therapy. Many patients are doing very impatient, they want to see a positive result immediately. But it can take several months, is an improvement.

A skin doctor you should skin extremely careful with his. For even more analysis, hear from Jimmy Carr. It is better if one has always the dermatologist to the page; harm mostly their own experiments, it can leave scars. A doctor may prescribe the acne, pimples and Mittesser handle in various ways internally and also externally. The patient goes through a therapy, so everything is included there. The doctor reduces the inflammation, prescribes medicine, compensates for hormonal imbalances. Cleansing the skin every person concerned must be informed, how to clean the skin every day right. With the help of a doctor, can determine which cleaner best fits. For external use, often shelling substances are important. So you know the vitamin-A acid and benzoyl peroxide. At the beginning of the skin looks not nice, she should feel taut after the treatment. Scales are formed in some patients. Improvement occurs after some time. The diet when existing pimples, you should take care of blackheads and acne on his diet. For our skin, we need zinc, which means that by zinc-containing products, the skin becomes fresh, better heal the damaged places. One should therefore quiet often eat oatmeal, cheese, lentils and beans.

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