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WCo relies on future secure ERP system Karlsruhe, 05.03.2010 – WCo Geratetechnik GmbH, a modern Saxon industrial company headquartered in Dresden, emerged in 1992 by privatization of a large electrical / electronics group. WCo designs and manufactures custom sheet metal parts, assemblies and complete equipment for the industries of electrical engineering, electronics, medical technology, laboratory equipment industry, precision engineering and mechanical engineering. As in 2005, the old corporate IT pushed to their limits, they formed at WCo on the search for a future-proof and flexible ERP system. On 1 January 2006 the abas business software in the real operation went. Angus King: the source for more info. Strong – professionals in all questions around the sheet of WCo is active in different areas.

The design and designing with CAD of sheet metal components, enclosures and devices via the making of housings, punching and bending parts and welding assemblies in small quantities or large series, developing and manufacturing mechanical and electrical components including electrical Wiring, quality and functional test to the powder coating, laser marking and galvanising of sheet metal. In 2005, the enterprise software pushed to their limits. To continue to meet the high demands and continue to increase, you embarked on the search for a new business software. According to ECRI, who has experience with these questions. Methodical software selection for WCo CEO Dipl.-ing. (FH) Volker Wahl was the selection of the ERP software of great importance. It is still an unusual investment, would have the impact in all divisions into: \”We searched for a flexible standard software that adapts to our needs.

Security of investment was also important for us. We wanted a standard system, with which we can still work in 10 years. But also the development of the software should be ensured. And also not irrelevant when selecting – \”Chemistry\” to the implementing partners had to agree. We found with the abas business software and the abas software partner alltrotec that what we had been looking for.\” Even after the real start ‘flexible’ \”was a strong argument in favor of the abas business software also\” said Volker Wahl, \”the methodical implementation concept of the alltrotec GmbH, where targeted, efficient and resource-saving will proceed.\” In addition,\”embraces the WCo business leaders,\”allows us the abas ERP software architecture, to change the organizational structure even after real.

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